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Stacy - Seven Days

Age (at start of series): 19

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Aspiring musician/performer, Model and Labourer

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Stacy is Javan’s cousin and best friend. He’s earned the nickname ‘Peaches’ due to his babyface and smooth skin. He’s currently single and on the look-out for love. He’s the practical joker of the group but also has a more serious, sensitive side. He loves fashion, music and football. Stacy's ambition in life is to model for a high-end fashion label.

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Risky Javan is Bang on form
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Tweets from Flyboy_Peach
RT @ShyMercer: I subscribed to MechanicalDummyYT's channel on YouTube.
17 Feb 5.52pm
@DidzDRB yu will
17 Feb 5.51pm
@DidzDRB baby maker and I love yu 2. X x
17 Feb 12.12pm
@DidzDRB gimmee a title princess
17 Feb 11.36am
@DidzDRB think ov a title ov a song 4 ma nxt tune
17 Feb 11.11am
@HipHopQuestions pap brah I got bout 80 stacks in my back pocket right now I wanna rob myself
16 Feb 10.58am
@DidzDRB is the best
16 Feb 10.57am
@SymphonicT hey
16 Feb 9.41am
16 Feb 9.37am
@gucci1017 @jessiejofficial @RealWizKhalifa @rickyrozay @RockCityVI @thisisangel
16 Feb 9.31am
Follow @paigey_cakey @rickyrozay @SymphonicT
16 Feb 9.29am
I'm not in the mood
15 Feb 3.42am
Love u all
15 Feb 3.42am
RT @ClaudiiaBarbiie: i love @Flyboy_Peach hes mine
15 Feb 2.58am
Your a big girl now your still daddys lil girl old skool classics
9 Feb 1.30pm
RT @rickyrozay: What did i do too deserve this?
8 Feb 5.41pm
I hate wen ppl breathe in ma face knowing their breath is banging #justsayin
8 Feb 12.23pm
RT @ShyMercer: RT @TwizzleSG: Im still puttin @AfBrooke on a chorus . Shes a legend
7 Feb 12.55pm
RT @ShyMercer: RT @TwizzleSG: Im still puttin @AfBrooke on a chorus . Shes a ledgend
7 Feb 12.55pm
@miss_lighteyes you kno I'm right looool
6 Feb 4.32pm
@miss_lighteyes luvs mi don't b shy
6 Feb 3.33pm
@DidzDRB if your a gyal I luv you tooooooo mwah
6 Feb 2.44pm
I luv @ShyMercer and @RiskyJavan So much
6 Feb 2.32pm
RT @ShyMercer: RT @TeezyWorld: Guys wid money dress different to guys wid out money #membadat :)
6 Feb 12.30pm
@Tyga I'm so raw
6 Feb 12.20pm
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